Telling all the folks about the love and peace Jesus Christ exemplifyed to us. That´s our aim. Religious faith and motorcycling are fitting togher perfectly.

No matter which denomination you have - everyone is welcome!

The PEACE-RIDE® is an ecumenical project. JESUS BIKERS are Catholic, Protestant, Syrian- and Greek-Orthodox. Also all baptized Christians - no matter if they are member of a religious community. We don´t search for differences between churches. But we share all commonalities Christians all over the world are connected by.

The PEACE-RIDE®  is supporting three social projects (links in German only, sorry!):

About Us

JESUS BIKERS were founded in 2014 by the health scientist Dr Thomas Draxler in Germany. Actually 40 bikers joined the Christian motorcycle group. We are engaged in charitable work and we combine our belief in God with our love for motorcycles.

In 2017 we fulfilled a last wish of a biker brother being terminally ill. 1000 bikers followed our call and accompanied him on his last ride before he has gone in peace.

We are the JESUS BIKERS® - but there´s no club name written on our back colour. Only "JESUS CHRIST - way, truth, life" - in modesty...
Jesus is our president, our road captain is called Holy Spirit. We don´t have any prospects - no waiting periods for years to become a full membership. All you need to become a JESUS BIKER ist courage to wear our colour, being honestly and baptized...

You´ll find us on the streets of Germany, Guatemala and India. Visit us on