Photo competition for peace


Our planet is in trouble. War - terror - hate everywhere. The PEACE-RIDE is a statement for peace among the peoples.

More than 200 million of Christians are persecuted worldwide

Together - not against each other is our motto for a better peaceful world. So let´s ride to Rome for global peace and standing up for respect and tolerance regardless of religion, race or social status! It doesn´t matter if you are Catholic. If you don´t believe in the ifallibility of the Pope we´ll accept your attitude, cause it´s about the thing itself! We are standing up for peace - bringing the Harley to Francis. We hope for a high revenue from the auction to help the kids in Uganda, that´s it!

Send us your individual "message of peace" to The Holy Father!

Take a picture of you holding a note or poster labeled with

My message to all the people if I was Pope:

On a second note write your personal message of love and peace. Dont forget to fill out the email subject line with "PEACE-RIDE competition - my message of peace to Pope Francis". Send your pic to:

Conditions of participation

Your photo should be original, crazy, fancy. Illustrated person(s) and your text must be clearly recognizable. By submitting the photo you give your consent to the publication on our website.