Music was my first Love...


In the photo above: Johannes M Roth (left) and Stefan "Buffalo Steff" Stumpf (right)


A road-trip without a soundtrack? This would be absurd. But there are some talented musicians among the JESUS BIKERS and their friends...

Pontus. J. Back - a bikers reverend an rock musician from Finland composed the first song, called JESUS BIKER. For many years Pontus performed with bandmembers from Whitesnake, Molly Hatchet, Status Quo and other icons of the international music-showbiz. It was an exciting period and a mixture made of hard music, alcohol and drugs abuse. When his body went to strike Jesus came into his life and saved him. Now he´s touring around the world to tell his story. Pontus dedicated this song to the eponymous group of Jesus Bikers. Lyrics: Thomas Draxler.

While planning the PEACE-RIDE the singer & songwriter Johannes M. Roth composed the PEACE-RIDE HIGHWAY song. Electric guitars and a dirty Hammondorgan are the perfect instruments for this rockin´style of music.

A few days ago Stefan aka "Buffalo Steff" finished his studio production PEACE-RIDE SPIRIT. Acoustic guitars and a touching voice are characteristic for this folk ballad. The German "Buffalo Steff" was adopted by American Natives and lived some years in the United States. You will feel this close connection in all of his songs. Stay tuned - we´ll continue to work!


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JESUS BIKER- © Pontus J. Back

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PEACE-RIDE® HIGHWAY - © Johannes M. Roth

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Peace Ride Spirit (Peace-Ride to Rome) © Buffalo Steff

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