We found a sponsor


From the left: Jesus Biker founder Dr Thomas Draxler, sponsor Christoph "Chicken" Repp und motorcycle mechatronic Tom Draxler (he will ride the Harley to Pope Francis)

It was a rainy day when Thomas drove homeward from a biker´s pilgrimage in Altoetting (Bavaria). Completely soakin wet, he made a decision to take a break at Harley-Davidson Wuerzburg Village for changing clothes. Just in time he got off his bike, manager Chicken came out - the following conversation seems like a present from heaven...

Thomas: "Next year I´ll ride to Pope Francis and I want to bring him a Harley. Would you have one for him?" Chicken answered: "I do. I´ll build you one!"

Christoph "Chicken" Repp sponsors "THE WHITE UNIQUE"

Thanks so much to Christian and his team! That´s a wonderful gift! God bless you all!